About The Women on Boards Network

The Women on Boards Network is an initiative aimed at promoting and encouraging women into Board leadership. The Network provides a platform that will bring together women from diverse fields and ranks; facilitate those already sitting on Boards to effectively carry out their roles and responsibilities, and up skill and prepare for the boardroom those women who are already in senior leadership roles, but are not yet sitting on any board.

More about WOBN
About The Women on Boards Network

Our Objectives

To Celebrate gender parity on boards.

i) To recognize individuals who have made a significant contribution towards gender diversity on boards.

ii) To recognize companies who have made a significant contribution towards gender diversity on boards.

Our Objectives

Award Categories

1. Woman On Boards Award
2. Woman Chairperson of the Year Award.
3. Organization of the year Award.
4. Rising Star Award.
5. Individual Empowering Grassroots Women Award.
6. Organization Empowering Grassroots Women Award.
7. Male Champion of Women's Agenda Award.
8. Woman in STEM Award.
9. Lifetime Achievement Award.
10. KEPSA Gender Mainstreaming Award.

Award Categories
Dianah kamandeh
Dianah kamandehIndividual Empowering Grassroot Women

I have been awarded two times after the Women on Boards Network Award. As an organization we have been entrusted by more Grassroots women.

I champion for the rights of Widows, Survivors of Gender Based Violence and orphans in Kenya. My experience of surviving domestic violence and surviving my late husband's sword of death made me become so passionate to create a platform where women like myself could articulate their issues and get legal aid because sometimes society denies them their rights. This is how I started cometogether widows and orphans organization.
My morale and motive to serve was ignited once more thanks to the recognition.

Maryben Omollo
Maryben OmolloRising Star Award Honoree

Since achieving the award, I have gotten two Board appointments in private organizations and won 5 more awards

Winning the Rising star award made me reminisce that we many a times remain fixated on our success and putting systems and processes in place for sustainable outcomes and forget to stop and look at the impact we bring out in people we work with or reach with our services, when running an enterprise.

Let us stop looking at enterprises solely as sources of livelihoods but also as a driver towards bringing positive change and impact within the spaces we operate!
Don't just look at the awards as a trophy to be kept, but an opportunity to achieve more.