Esther fervently fights for women human rights and poverty alleviation. She is the Founder of Grassroots Organizations Operating Together in Sisterhood (GROOTS), Kenya a network of more than 2000 self-help groups in urban slums and rural areas across Kenya, living in destitute conditions. Her leadership in GROOTS has enabled women to build a solid network of grassroot women’s organizations and take part in leadership roles and decision-making forums.

With 22 years of empowering women in about 17 counties, she uses her position as Global Women’s Land Rights Manager for International Land Coalition to advance her issues about women. She as well has used her networks to partner with donors in Community Mapping where land belonging to vulnerable groups has been recovered.

Esther is at the foreground in fighting harmful cultural practices for example FGM, child marriage, Widow Inheritance. Using Groots Kenya, she has fought for equality in inheritance of properties and land rights for women. Besides, Esther Mwaura Muiru is also leading Uongozi Centre Africa, a training institute focusing on developing, systemizing and enhancing global capacities on transformative sustainable development in Africa

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